About Us

Brojo is focused on the best experience for guys and their partners. Whether it's self-care or getting lucky, our personal lubricant delivers a frictionless experience in all situations. Whatever excites you, we help you get there. 

Life is stressful. We get it, you need to get off to get back on. Why settle for a dry, dull experience when achieving that release? Give our personal lubricants a try, you deserve more than a dry hand or some hand lotion for pleasure.  

Why use lubricant? 

  • Going dry causes chafing. Seriously, look at your callous hands. 
  • Allows you to comfortably do a tight or a loose grip. Each of us choke the chicken differently. 
  • You’ve matured. Your boyhood habits should too. 


Our lubricant creates a smooth glide whether you have two minutes or much, much longer. When you are ready to have an explosive release, Brojo lube will help you achieve peak performance and the best sensation.